Soft ferrite materials make up an important branch of magnetic materials and have very extensive application fields, such as deflection yokes of CRT, power switch transformers, retro-sweeping transformers of TV, radio antennas, chokes, rotary transgormers of AV machines, ballasts of energy-saving lights, transformers, etc.                                                          


EE CORE   Applications: Transformers and chokes for switching power supplies, filter,inductor etc.. UF CORE          Applications: mainly used for line filters in color TV sets


TOROIDAL CORE Applications: Pulse and wide-band transformers, various types of filters, inductors and chokes U CORE         Applications: mainly used for flyback transformers in B/W and color TV sets


EI CORE    Applications: various kinds of transformers and chokes EP CORE        Applications: Wide-band transformers and various types of inductors
POT CORE  Applications: Filters for telecommunication equipment, various kinds of inductors and transformers. EC CORE       Applications: Mainly used for switching power transformers and chokes
LINE FILTER CORE Applications: Filter for Color TV BALUN CORE    Applications: Matching transformers and balun transformers
PM CORE   Applications: High power transformers, DC-DC converters DY CORE       Applications: Deflectiong coils for picture tubes of color TV and CRT displays
PQ CORE   Applications: Switching power transformers and chokes.


RM CORE       Applications: Filters, inductor and transformer for telecommunication and other electronic equipments.