Design, mould , manufacture, quality, assembly 

1. Design with software of Pro/E, AutoCAD2000 etc,                   
The customer's perception must be understood by the supplier very clearly. Make a new drawing according as sample or project, design drawing with three-dimensional model for confirmation. Quick answer to the changes of the market and the requirements of our customers. Revisions of materials and processes done at regular basis, in order to develop possibilities for improvement.  High level collaboration with our customers in the manufacturing of their products, helping them, if necessary, in their design and development.

With our CAD and 3D system, we can provide CAD or 3D drawings according to the client's samples. We also have applied software for specification drawings: Pro/E, Auto CAD, Solid Work 2001,  UG. Experienced engineers will develop and design drawings and samples according to the client's detailed requirements, until finally confirmed.

2. Mould Design and machining                                                 
We have experience in plastic mould, casting mould, stamping mould, etc. Very low mould cost is our advantage.We can design and develop moulds/tooling for your OEM orders.

3. Manufacture most of Machinery Parts                                    
We  have been supplying our quality machinery parts and accessories to our customers for over 12years with their  entire satisfaction in term of quality which perfectly meet their request. 

4. Quality control                                                                       
We inspect all the goods before shipment and always keep on improving our products quality.

We have experienced and specialized technicians and QA staff responsible for quality assurance procedures. We will have an inspection report for our record and for our customers' reference. Using the  ISO9001 quality system, we carry out strict quality assurance on any product throughout the whole production before shipping and handling.

OEM order procedures:
1) Examine and confirm the drawings
2) Prototype for confirmation
3) Work out processing and production procedures
4) Carry out necessary technical support
5) Outsource raw material inspection
6) Semi-products inspection
7) Finished product inspection
8) Package inspection
9) Inspection before shipping
10) After-sales service and feedback

We make sure that any unqualified raw material, semi-finished product and finished product will not flow into the next procedure and not ship to our valued customers until clear of all defects. Our target is to supply "worry-free" products to our valued customers.

5. Assemble parts to be a whole product                                           
Comparative advantage of Chinese industry is the low labour cost.
  From design to assemble, our quick and economical model must make your products competitive in your market.

6. Flexible response                                                                                 
We can accept small quantity to large volume orders, also we can manufacture as per samples and help our customer to combine several kinds of hardware into one container. 


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